Korea Grape Export Association

Korea Grape Export Association, Korea’s Leading Export Grape Company

We promote K-grape to the global audience by establishing
a stable quality control and export system. ​

About K-grape

K-grape began as a leading organization for exporting grapes in October 2017, and in 2019 of May was selected as an export integrated organization by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and re-established itself as Korea Grape Export Association.

We are a professional company leading the export of Korean grapes and promoting 「K-grape」 to the world through a systematic quality control and export system. Going forward, K-grape will do its best to produce and export the highest quality grapes for global consumers.

A Joint BrandThe logo represents the Korea Grape Export Association, a joint brand for export grapes.
It emphasizes South Korea and its representative export grapes.

About the CI
  • C97 M84
    Y11 K51

  • C41 M0
    Y72 K0

  • C22 M100
    Y59 K13

  • C65 M4
    Y100 K29

The Efforts Made By Korea Grape Export Association

  • Producing the Highest Quality Grapes

    Producing safe grapes through bag cultivation, GAP-certified

    Compliance with PLS standards and establishment of production ID operation system

    Supplying fresh grapes from harves by extablishing a low-temperature distribution system

  • Establishing Systematic Quality Control

    Created a manual regarding quality control, hosts a system of scientific cultivation management

    Compliance with export grape quality standards, functions under ERP system operation

    Customized member company field training for export standard grape production

  • Expanding Into the Global Market

    K-grape’s collective brand has been registered as an overseas trademark and can be accessed through a QR code.

    Customized marketing and promotion for each export country

    Strengthening cooperation with member companies to maintain threshold in export prices

  • Strengthening R&D

    Research and development of new grapes apt for export

    Development of post-harvest management manuals such as harvesting, sorting, and long-term storage

    Resolving difficulties faced when exporting grapes through R&D network establishment

Major Countries of Export

Shine Muscat

Campbell Early

Kyoho Grape